Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am confident that losing will start to pick up with more discipline

What an exhausting 2 weeks! I had a visit with my nutritionist last week. There I set obtainable goals like, stop drinking regular soda, eating more fruits and vegtables, less sugar and fat and more excercise. So far so good. I have officially started drinking diet Mt. Dew and have not strayed off that once (yay). The other goals are coming along VERY slowly, but surely. I think that when I have in my head that I'm on a diet I struggle more so, I am telling myself that I am NOT dieting.....I'm eating better. I found that the road that circles my neighborhood is exactly 1 mile and have been walking that a couple times a week. Eventually I would like to walk 1 mile a day. As far as weight loss goes I could most definatly be doing much better. I have only lost 1 more pound since the last time I weighed in, but I am confident that losing will start to pick up with more discipline. I hope that everyone is feeling more healthy and happy. =) -Rachel

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  1. Every pound counts Rachel! I have not had a regular soda in the month of March - instead I am drinking Coke 0 or Diet Coke. I also drink about 60% juice and 40% water in the mornings to cut down on my typical juice/sugar. I am glad you have a nice place to walk. I have been going to the gym. I just know that my diet needs much better discipline. Glad to hear you sound optimistic - Blondie! :)