Hello! My name is Rachel, I am 35 year old wife and mother to one 15 year old daughter, living in Maryland.  I have worked my entire life up until April '10 when I had a work related accident.  Since August '10 I have been working from home and loving it. I have been struggling with weight my whole life.  I am at my highest weight right now at 240lbs and at 5'3" this is a huge struggle.  My goal weight is 140lbs.   I am currently in a gastric bypass program and see a nutritionist monthly.  I have been in this program for over a year and feel as though I keep failing and turning to food for comfort.  I make no excuses for weight and that is why I have joined this project.  I need support and I need to communicate with women who have the same struggles I do.  I am looking forward to finally having a more stable support group.