Monday, May 2, 2011

I have serious life changes to make

Still no soda! I have yet to get myself on a regular exercise program. I really have not made signifigant food changes. I think I have this mentality that "surgery will save me". I need to get out of that. I have serious life changes to make!

What happened to everyone?? Are you ladies ok?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I need Bob & Julian

1 pound! Crap!! I just cannot get myself to exercise!!! I need Bob & Julian! I have started eating better! Still no regular soda =) Im very proud of that! Only using Splenda, no sugar. I think I may even have the family sold on it. Hubby just bought a motorcycle so I best be doing something and fast! Otherwise I will be a hog on a hog! hehe.

How is everyone else doing????

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy Bee

I've had a very productive week. I'm launching a second shop on Etsy, while building a brand people recognize no matter where they see it. It's fun and pretty exciting. I am not getting enough sleep and I'm not eating much. I'm just so busy and distracted. The scale proves it. My diet seems to be successful.

Except for one thing. I'm not really dieting. I'm just busy. And happy. And I have things to look forward to. A real weight loss - a real shift in my eating habits has to be permanent and not just a bi-product of my environment. Otherwise it's just another version of the yo-yo dieting that has plagued so many of us our entire lives.

The good part is that I'm paying attention. I've caught myself. I went to the store today and stocked up on healthy snacks I love. I'm watching the clock and trying to eat regularly even if I'm not thinking about food.  So I'm less likely to binge at the end of the day. And I'm blogging about all of this - keeping me accountable to myself and my buddies here. All of these actions together will hopefully lead to a more permanent relationship with food.

Do you have time you are less likely and more likely to eat? What do you do to try to balance it all?

I am confident that losing will start to pick up with more discipline

What an exhausting 2 weeks! I had a visit with my nutritionist last week. There I set obtainable goals like, stop drinking regular soda, eating more fruits and vegtables, less sugar and fat and more excercise. So far so good. I have officially started drinking diet Mt. Dew and have not strayed off that once (yay). The other goals are coming along VERY slowly, but surely. I think that when I have in my head that I'm on a diet I struggle more so, I am telling myself that I am NOT dieting.....I'm eating better. I found that the road that circles my neighborhood is exactly 1 mile and have been walking that a couple times a week. Eventually I would like to walk 1 mile a day. As far as weight loss goes I could most definatly be doing much better. I have only lost 1 more pound since the last time I weighed in, but I am confident that losing will start to pick up with more discipline. I hope that everyone is feeling more healthy and happy. =) -Rachel

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Losing Weight and Missing my Support Group

After an upsetting gain last week... I now have a loss this week! 1.2 pounds! Yay! I really worked for it this week - putting in time at the gym on 6 out of 7 days. Whew... I could definitely make a few more dietary changes though, as I know I keep inching back towards my normal eating habits. So, after a bit of a yo-yo effect - I have now accumulated a 3 pound lost since we began. I think that averages out to be about a pound a week. I know there is still a long way to go! I hope you all will report soon - I've been missing hearing about how everyone is doing and I could definitely use the support. Cheerio, Blondie :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A bit hope and willpower , we will make it work!

Hi Everyone,
I have been very sick in the past couple of weeks and did not get to post anything. I started my diet and work out plan yesterday. I did not take in more than 1000 calories and I got on the treadmill and walked (fast paced) for 45 minutes and 2 1/2 miles. Lost around 400 calories. (I know it's not much , but its a start =) )
I miss the days that I was able to go to a store and purchase whatever I like that did not look like a 80 year old would wear. I am really determined to get this plan going. I do not like to go anywhere because I always have the issue that I will not find anything to wear. I hate running out of breath going up and down the stairs.
I usually have very low blood sugar so maybe this goal will help with that also. I was going through blogs, websites etc and I found a useful site that is called the Spark People.
You can keep track of your milestones, daily work outs, calories burned, get diet menus and etc. I found it very useful and I hope it will help the rest of you. I am so glad that I have all the ladies that are determined just like myself and will change our lives not only by looking great but also by getting healthier.
My plan is to go to the gym at least 5 times this week. Not to eat any deserts and have only 1 can of soda (caffeine intake is a must due to migraines, and I can not stand diet soda)
After having my first child, I lost 80 lbs in about 4 months by going to the gym and eating healthy food without starving. I kept the weight off until I got pregnant for the second time. I would like to be a size 8 again.
I hope everyone is having a great week! Good luck with all of your goals! Let's make this happen ladies!

Weight Gain and Serious Frustrations

Well... this week did not go exactly as I had planned or hoped. This morning, I weighed and the results were a 1.6 pound gain... I'm a little more than discouraged.

At my last weigh-in, I had lost nearly 2 pounds. I think that this was due mostly to elminating carbs from my diet (except for naturally occurring carbs such as those in fruits)during that week. I quickly learned that totally elminating carbs is not healthy and it is unrealistic to assume that I would be able to maintain that type of diet for any length of time. As I previously mentioned, I felt bad most of that week (low energy, headaches).
This past week, I tried to eat healthy but added back some carbs (potatoes, healthy cereals, etc.). I cooked a lot of my meals at home, drank 0 calorie beverages, ate more salads than I can count - and still gained the weight back. I also put my time in at the gym 4 days in the past week with a combination of strength training and cardio.
This is my 6th week working out at the gym and my 2nd week making dietary changes and I feel like I have very little to show for it. I want to know what I am doing wrong and what I can do better?!?!

Also, my husband asked me to not weigh for awhile. He says that I am obsessing and not giving my body enough time to adjust. I feel like 6 weeks is enough time and that I should be seeing something. I may or may not heed his advice.

Sorry for the Debby Downer post...